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How we started

In June of 2015, in response to HHM CPA’s client requests for bookkeeping services, Freight Depot Accounting was started. The goal was to provide quality and affordable bookkeeping service to businesses that didn’t have or need a full charge bookkeeper on staff.

How it is going

8 years later, we have grown from 2 bookkeepers to 10 and continue to grow every day. We have expanded, and now have bookkeeping staff in not only in our Chattanooga office but also in our Cleveland and Memphis locations. In 2021, Freight Depot Accounting rebranded to HHM Bookkeeping Solutions.

Where are we

Over the years, our goal has stayed the same, to provide quality affordable bookkeeping services. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning and our goal for all our clients, new and old, is for them to trust us and rely on us for accurate and timely bookkeeping service.

Our team is the reason for success

Our Team

Becky Betsill

Managing Partner | CHA

Christina Dill

Supervisor | CLE

Ginger Denton

Supervisor | CHA

Kathy Austin

Bookkeeping Specialist | CLE

Kristin Emmer

Bookkeeping Specialist | CHA

Janet Bryne

Bookkeeping Specialist | CHA

Vickie Wilson

Bookkeeping Specialist | CHA

Brianna Geoffrion-Sabiston

Bookkeeping Specialist | CLE

Rhea Joyner

Bookkeeping Specialist | CLE

Deanie Head

Bookkeeping Specialist | CHA

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1200 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402


266 Inman Street E
Cleveland, TN 37311


1755 Kirby Parkway Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38120